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APAX 2022-07-30 20:07:18


Ovation of the Seas of Royal Caribbean made its first grand christening voyage ceremony at Tianjin port on 24th June. As the 3rd cruiseship from Quantum of the Seas, it is the MOST DEVELOPED CRUISE SHIP IN THE WORLD, featuring luxurious suites that are elaborately designed and has the best sea view than ever through which people can have a most relaxing experience. 


The Royal Caribbean Cruises International team was honoured to have Fan Bing Bing as their guest-of-Honour on this christening day. She has also collaborated with the RCCI organization to help raise funds for the recent Tianjin incident victims.


On the evening of 26th June, a grand Banquet Dinner was succesfully put together by APAX, having been tasked to overcoming complicated logistical and technical obstacles; making it possbile for the Board of Directors of Royal Caribbean Cruises International(2016) to really savor the moment in this truly unique dining experience in a beautiful setting at the Juyong Pass where the Great Wall stands.


Performances ranged from Chinese traditional Percussive Drum Performance by the Sun-Cloud-Moon-Sky Drummers and to even Scottish bagpipers by the Beijing Bagpipe & Drum Corps. APAX lit up its specially designed night lights, lighting up the entire mountain-scape façade and revealing the almost endless great wall. Guests enjoyed the wonderful performances and the beautiful night.


APAX wishes Ovation of the Seas Bon Voyage, becoming the shinest star at sea. As the Royal Caribbean Cruise provides the best journey to its guests, APAX continues providing the best service and experience to its clients.

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